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Award-winning choreography and performance
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Fast, fun, thoughtful and physical 'The Happiness' is is a provocative and entertaining adventure, designed to make you laugh, weep and squirm with recognition.
Using the company's trademark combination of breakneck choreography, spoken word, live sound and ever transforming images, The Happiness is an emotional and colourful explosion of joy, grief and confusion, which has been made, and will be performed, through the company's unique artistic practice; the performers decide the structure of the work live in the moment of performance - meaning that each performance is completely unique!
Combining first person stories, case studies from across the globe and referencing a whole host of philosophers and self-proclaimed happiness gurus, the work throws happiness up for all to question, see, experience and, ultimately, feel.

"The Happiness genuinely made me happy! A life-affirming show which everyone will relate to & be warmed and tickled by."
Deryck Newland, Artistic Director, Pavilion Dance South West
TO BOOK please contact: info@karlashacklock.com
Co-commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West and Theatre Bristol, with support from Swindon Dance and Arts Council England.

'The Happiness' toured UK theatre venues and toured rurally in Spring 2015 and Spring/Autumn 2016 and is still available for future touring.

A brand new and highly electric double bill.

Raw, charged and universally resonant, The Buttercup is a simple yet powerful story about hope - expressed through the body and a series of everyday, continuously transforming, objects. Using live music and set against a constantly shifting visual landscape, Karla gives a physical and evocative performance and bravely bares her soul as she breathes life into The Buttercup.

The Crutch depicts a highly intense relationship between two bodies, two beings. Through extremely physical contact work, a vocabulary which swings from violence to tear jerking tenderness, a pounding live score and a huge pile of crutches, the duet explores what it means and how it feels to be there for someone at a time of crisis. Created and performed using the company's own distinctive practice, the performers decide the structure of the work live in the moment of performance - meaning that each performance is completely unique!

"I was blown away by the performance - amazing!"   Wendy Petitdemange, Activate
TO BOOK please contact: info@karlashacklock.com
Co-commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West, Ferment at Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Bristol and Swindon Dance, with support from Tobacco Factory Theatre, Arnolfini and Arts Council England.

The Buttercup and The Crutch toured the UK extensively in 2013, 2014 and 2015. No more dates planned at present, but never say never!
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Physical raw performance, cutting-edge design, live sound - an extraordinary immersive event.
Led playfully by the new inhabitants of a ghosted space you will bear witness as lids are lifted from glass jars and a symphony of real experiences spill into the nooks and crannies of the building and into your hearts and minds. Embark on an unknown adventure; lose yourself in a mysterious journey and join us for the after party. Beyond. A world where experiences are created.

Produced by Theatre Bristol, Bristol Old Vic and Circomedia, co-commissioned by Bristol City Council.

"Beyond is a truly extraordinary, powerfully unique theatrical experience" Bristol Culture Magazine

"Beyond is about imagination and memory. Its genuine beauty, physical punch and superior storytelling make for an evening that will last with you long after the performers leave you." The Public Reviews
The hysteric highs, agonizing lows and safe plateaus of the years 1980 - 2011 were pickled in glass jars. Shacklock physically, and mentally ricocheted through the years and allowed them to fall, seep and explode into an ever-changing landscape.

"31 years is elegantly staged and wittily choreographed and is testament to Karla's skill and perception as an accomplished theatre-maker and dancer who is passionate about truth, and how to share that with her audiences."
Kate Yedigaroff, BOV

Supported by Ferment. UK tour 2012
Intent on challenging the norms of physical performance Shacklock and Petrusova worked across countries and brought together a cross-disciplinary ensemble. Combining cutting edge costume design, high octane performance and live composition, the work architected bodies as forms of physical matter, to go far beyond what we thought physically and vocally possible. 'Nobody' toured the UK, Netherlands and Czech Republic in 2011.

"This is one of the most successful truly European pieces of theatre I have seen in an age."
Pasco Q Kevlin, Lakeside Theatre

Produced by L'avventura (Tilburg) and Productiehuis Brabant (Den Bosch). Supported by Arts Council England.

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