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Karla Shacklock Company has a strong reputation for delivering high quality workshops, masterclasses and residencies to all age groups (youth companies, school groups, undergraduate/ post-graduate students, professionals) across the UK and Europe. Karla is also often asked to guest lecture or commissioned to make new works at institutions such as Laban, Central School of Speech and Drama and Bath Spa University

If you are interested in booking the Karla Shacklock Company to deliver a workshop for your organisation, inviting Karla to guest lecture, or commissioning the company to create a new work, please do get in touch.
The content of the company workshops is negotiable and can be tailored to suit the needs of the venue and the participants. Workshops will always be highly physical and provide insight into the company's unique working process.

If you are interested in taking part in a workshop, please see what's on offer below.
"Her enthusiasm and focus is incredible, and catching, like picking up an infection!"
Workshop Participant
"An inspiring day, your honesty and generosity as a teacher and facilitator was very very touching."
Workshop Participant
"Karla has an ability to push her dancers to their absolute limits, and beyond..... to see where they really go - emotionally and physically.
Utterly inspiring."

Workshop Participant

Playful and explorative. Suitable for school groups, youth groups, undergraduate students and recent graduates, this workshop allows participants to explore the choreographic approaches used by the Karla Shacklock Company.

The workshop will comprise a structured warm up, improvisation, exploration of a range of choreographic tasks and, dependent on the length of the workshop, the opportunity to make and perform a short work.

Fast, fun and highly physical. Suitable for dance groups, undergraduate/post-graduate students and professionals, this workshop is an opportunity for participants to learn some of the repertoire from the current touring work.

The workshop will comprise company class and stretch, the deconstruction and learning of between one and four phrases (dependent on length of workshop) and the opportunity to re-construct and perform the material.

Company Masterclass: Interrogative, highly physical and packed full of discoveries. Suitable for artists from all disciplines, this masterclass offers a unique opportunity to go beyond what participants think is physically, vocally and emotionally possible. The masterclass will explore Karla's highly innovative approach to accessing the performance consciousness in order to reveal the true self.

The masterclass will comprise company class, repertoire, improvisation, choreographic tasks and, time dependent, the opportunity to make and perform a work.
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